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General Product

Our product lines ranges from PU plastic ear tag, RFID ear tag, disinfectants, animal corpse plastic bag, syringes and needles, and other equipment in vet clinic.

Farm management system

We have farm management systems which can increase your productivities, increase your profits and reducing your costs. Our "Animal Registration System" enable you to manage
all animals in your farms, birth/death, vaccination, and movement. For all daily cattle, we have "Yield Management System" to monitor the most effective condition of feeding to enable the most productivity".

Turn-key Logiscits

We offer one stop services for every customer, starting from prime locations warehouse rentals, warehouse management services, deliveries, pack/repack services, and custom clearance.

Smart Water Meter

IOT Ultra Sonic Meter : provide accurate and timely meter readings via communication (LoRa/IOT/4G). No more human visit to read the meter. Enable the most effective and efficiency of Tap Water Management, especially reduce the loss of water due to pipe leak.

High Efficiency Battery

High Efficiency Battery for all electric vehicles (passenger car, bike, truck, boat, etc) and perfectly integrate with Solar Panel System or Wind System.


RFID Tags : applicable to human, animals, and every surface. There are various formats of RFID tags, starting from sticker, RFID for metal, card, wristband, etc.

ERP System for SME

The application is designed to serve, specifically, SME. Automation work processes can be achieved thru the usage of our handheld mobile computer which will reduce paper works, increase the productivity and accuracy, obtain complete and timely data.

Personal Body Worn

The broadcast of your visit location can be simply made by our state-of- the-art- body worn with high definition of live pictures and sound. Additionally, the body worn can install trunk radio (walkie talkie) which can increase the communication effectiveness.

Powder Coating, steel/stainless/aluminum fabrications

We install world class powder coating facilities which can facilitate high expectation of customer needs in terms of quality. Minimum base of our performance passes 500 hours of salt spray test. If you demand extreme quality of powder coating of 1,000 hours, we can fully service those requirements effectively. Additionally, we offer fabrication services per customer requirements with high precision equipment.

H100 Healthcare PDA

Chainway H100 is an Android 6.0 mobile computer especially designed for healthcare industry. Both patient and staff information can be collected automatically with 1D/2D barcode scanning, NFC, fingerprint recognition, and camera, or be synchronized to the hospital backend system with real-time network connectivity. H100 proves it to be a valuable tool to generate enhanced patient outcomes and at the same time, to lift hospital management level.

C70 Handheld Computer

Chainway C70, an Android-based mobile computer, delivers unprecedented excellence. It features powerful quad-core processor, stable wireless connectivity (4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), high-resolution camera, accurate GPS, NFC and optional 2D image scanning, iris recognition functions. This rugged device can be deployed in industries like express delivery, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and so forth.

C71 Mobile Computer

Chainway C71 is an Android rugged mobile computer. With its powerful quad-core processor and wireless connections such as 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as comprehensive data capture options, including iris recognition, barcoding and HF RFID/NFC, you can find this easy-to-deploy device an exceptionally valuable helper to increase working efficiency and productivity. C71 with abundant functions can best satisfy your different industrial needs.